Who invented the flute

Who invented the flute? The secret is out! The flute was invented by...

... well, no one person really! The flute is the oldest known instrument in the world, after the drum.

Who invented the drum?

The person who hit something and made a noise.

Who invented the flute?

The person who blew into a hollow stick or piece of bone and noted that it made a sound.

From there on, the question must become, "Who modified the flute and how?"

This is where the study of flute history comes in.

Contributions to the flute have come from many people throughout the centuries, including...

  • Addition of more finger holes
  • Change in the bore of the flute
  • Addition of key system
  • Construction out of metal
  • Establishment of great flute makers

These flute innovators include...

    Theobald Boehm (Böhm)
  • Theobald Boehm (Böhm)
  • Boehm gets the most credit for improving the flute from a piece of wood with holes into the concert instrument it is today.

    A virtuoso flutist as well as a flute maker, he drew upon the goldsmith trade of his family to improve the flute's fingering system, construct instruments from precious metals, and position the tone holes so that the flute's intonation was much better and could actually play in tune--even with itself!

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