Telemann flute fantasies

The Telemann flute fantasies are some of my favorite pieces from the Baroque era.

Georg Philipp Telemann (March 14, 1681 – June 25, 1767) was a German Baroque music composer. His family was closely connected to the Lutheran Church, with many clergyman among them. They disapproved of his choice of music as a career, but his considerable talent won out.

As a composer, he was prolific and popular during his lifetime--quite a contrast to J.S. Bach who didn't gain long-lasting fame until long after his death.

The 12 fantasies are...

Fantasy No. 1 in A Major
Fantasy No. 2 in A minor
Fantasy No. 3 in B minor
Fantasy No. 4 in B flat Major
Fantasy No. 5 in C Major
Fantasy No. 6 in D minor
Fantasy No. 7 in D Major
Fantasy No. 8 in E minor
Fantasy No. 9 in E Major
Fantasy No. 10 in F sharp minor
Fantasy No. 11 in G Major
Fantasy No. 12 in G minor

Each one is a miniature sonata with a playing time of approximately 3 to 5 minutes for the entire fantasy. These little gems are perfect for a light recital, as part of a larger group recital, music in an intimate setting, an outdoor wedding, music for a luncheon--the list is endless. These pieces are a delight to play.

Download free printable flute sheet music for three of the Telemann flute fantasies.

Telemann wrote other pieces for flute, including several sonatas and duets.

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