Gizmo key

A gizmo key is a small button on the flute's B foot joint that closes the third key on it.

gizmo key

That's the sole purpose of this tiny key. Why on earth is it necessary?

Well, the very high C (three C's above middle C) doesn't speak well when this key is left open, so this button was added to close it. It's a trade-off for getting that extra low B on the other end of the flute range (played even less frequently than the high C!).

How often are these high C's used? Not very, but when you have one, it needs to pop right out. Of course, when you're auditioning and required to play a three-octave C major or minor scale, or a chromatic scale for the entire register of the flute, you'll have to play this note.

It's tough to reach that gizmo; the little finger must leap off its home on the E-flat key and land on this tiny bit of space. gizmo key
Some critics of the B foot joint and the little gizmo argue that neither are necessary, and that it just adds extra unnecessary weight to the flute.

This may be true, but to each his or her own!

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