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Free Christian flute sheet music is becoming more and more common as the flute is used in worship services, particularly praise bands.

Traditionally the flute was used in church services as a solo instrument or as an accompaniment, or obligatto, to a choral group selection. These are lovely, of course.

flute metal allergyIn Evangelical churches, the trend is toward "praise bands," which typically is composed of three or four singers, along with a rhythm section of piano, keyboard, bass, and drums. The flute is a nice addition to this ensemble, particularly in slower numbers.

If Christian music for the flute cannot be easily located, vocal music can be easily substituted. We flutists are fortunate that the flute is pitched in the key of C, and thus can easily double the vocal lines or play an improvisational role.

If the music has not been written specifically for the flute, it is easily arranged for that instrument. The flute can simply doubly the vocal line. Simple variations, such as playing in all three octaves (amplification is probably needed on the lower octave), can be made to add ornamentation.

Other variations are just a bit more complex...

  1. Play in thirds with the melody line
  2. Add trills and scales to just part of the melody
  3. Find the chord structure and outline the chords

Another option to consider is hymn descants. These lovely melodies are played along with a hymn and embellish the original tune.

Some free source for descants are...

Flute descants 1

Flute descants 2

Flute descants 3

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