Flute listening

Flute listening is one of the most important aspects of learning to be a good flutist.

flute listeningI've loved listening to flute recordings ever since I discovered that I could check out as many LPs as I wanted from the Des Moines Public Library back when I was in high school.

I still remember the day I walked up to the checkout desk with a foot-high stack of records, expecting a stern reprimand and an order to select just two or three. Instead, the librarian checked them ALL out to me! I floated out of the library like I'd just hopped off of Santa's lap and had been given all my Christmas wishes right then and there!

After that, I cruised the record stores on a regular basis, ready to snap up any newly-released flute records. That opportunity didn't happen very often. Now anyone can release a CD overnight on a shoestring budget and we flutists can choose from zillions of them online.

Most people, especially young students, don't understand how important it is to listen to really good flute playing.

When I was in college, even my flute teacher didn't recognize the importance of listening. I now realize that he was probably just jealous of the flutists on the recordings and that's why he mocked the flute records I listened to. It was very disheartening for me. I'm still bitter about it. That's why I tell myself that Jean-Pierre Rampal is my flute teacher. I listened to him so much, I feel that I learned more from him about playing the flute than anybody else.

Listening helps you...

  • Develop a good tone. Knowing how the flute should really sound is very important.
  • Learn repertoire. You could never play all the music written for the flute in a lifetime, but listening to it is a great way to familiarize with as much music as possible.
  • Learn repertoire faster. For the pieces you want to play yourself, knowing what the music should ultimately sound like helps tremendously when you are learning it.
  • Learn styles. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary are different styles and need to be approached in different ways. Listening to fine musicians interpret these styles helps you learn what is important.

Flute listening is fun! Just relax and enjoy the music.

Listening to fine flute performances is inspirational! Imagine yourself playing the music as you listen. If someone else can do it, so can you!

Find more time to listen...

Make use of these bits of time that would otherwise be wasted...

  • Driving
  • Standing in line
  • Waiting in the doctor's office or for other appointments

An iPod or MP3 player can help you turn wasted time into valuable flute music listening time.

Try the iPod classic...

... or the iPod touch...

You can find cheaper MP3 players just about anywhere, but the old adage "you get what you pay for" definitely applies. You can't go wrong with iPod, so your initial investment is money well spent.

Free downloads for your MP3 player...

Emusic.com is a cool site where you can download music directly to your iPod or any MP3 player. They have over 5.5 million selections, including flute music!

You can test it out with 25 free downloads. You don't have to buy anything, and if you sign up, you can cancel when you want to and keep the music you've already downloaded. Check it out...

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