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Flute lessons online to help you learn how to play the flute. is your on-line flute studio. You'll find tips for playing the flute, taking care of it, and duet videos. Visit the figurine gallery, too.

Cyberflute Updates

Cyberflute Updates

Cyberflute site map

Cyberflute site map

Your on-line flute teacher - Need help playing the flute? Ask me your questions!

Got a question about playing the flute? Post it here and get answers from your on-line flute teacher!

Flute lessons, free online flute lesson

Flute lessons free online. Get a free online flute lesson.

Private flute lesson

Private flute lesson via video are available at low cost and even free. Find out how...

Flute instruction - get a proper method book and establish a practice routine

Flute instruction begins with a method book. Choose one with a good fingering chart.

Flute breath control

Flute breath control is vital in producing a full and rich tone.

Flute fingerings instructions and guidance for learning how to play the flute.

Cool flute fingerings instruction so you can learn for free how to play the flute.

Flute Vibrato

Flute vibrato is used to warm up the sound of the flute's tone. It is very much like the singer's vibrato. Some flutists obtain a vibrato naturally, others have to work at it. Here are some techniques

Flip video camera

Flip video camera is an easy-to-use, pocket-sized camcorder featuring one-touch recording and digital zoom

Flute music, repertoire of the flute

Flute music is incredibly diverse, with repertoire spanning at least 400 years.

Flute repertoire class

This flute repertoire class has been designed to introduce you to the well known classics and to unearth some rarely heard gems.

Free flute sheet music, free sheet music for flute

Free flute sheet music on the Internet is a great find. You get great music at no cost. Here is a listing of sources...

Play Along CD - Great fun for flutists!

A play along CD is a great resource for the flutist. It makes practicing more fun. Most of us don't have the luxury of a full-time accompanist and rarely have the chance to play with a back-up band.

Flute wedding music

Flute wedding music is delightful. A great addition or alternative to traditional music.

Flute Valentine music

Flute Valentine music played by the flute. The most romantic instrument plays music of love.

Celtic flute, Irish flute

Celtic flute is used to play the folk music from Ireland. A simple wooden end-blown flute, yet very passionate and emotional.

Easter flute music

Easter flute music is a big part of the church service. Beautiful traditional hymns are wonderful solos for the flute and a great time to share your musical talents in your church.

Flute Christmas music, sheet music

Flute Christmas music - It's the best time of year to play music!

Buy a flute - a guide for selecting the best instrument for you.

Buy a flute - a guide to purchasing the best instrument for you and your wallet.

Metronome, digital, online

Metronome is an important tool for flute practice. Select the type you like best.

Flute listening

Flute listening is an extremely important part of becoming a fine flutist.

History of the flute dates back to the beginning of recorded time.

History of the flute - This ancient instrument dates back to the beginning of humankind and appears in every culture of the world.

Flute figurine gallery

Flute figurine gallery. I have been collecting flute figurines for over 30 years. Enjoy viewing them!

Cyberflute Store

Cyberflute Store

Cyberflute Valentine Store

Cyberflute Valentine Store

Cyberflute Celtic Store

Cyberflute Celtic Store featuring flute gifts for St. Patrick's Day

Cyberflute Easter Store

Cyberflute Easter Store featuring flute gifts for Easter

Cyberflute Christmas store

Cyberflute Christmas store

Flute figurine store

Flute figurine store

Flute art

Flute art is great for decorating your flute studio, practice room, or any area that would benefit from flute-related decor.

Pan flute store

Pan flute store

About Cyberflute

About - The reasons and methods behind the creation of, Kathy Ferneau's on-line flute studio.

Cyberflute testimonials

Cyberflute testimonials include some of the kind comments I have received from my online flute students.

Cyberflute contact page

Cyberflute contact page - drop me a line and let me know how you like my instructional videos and figurine gallery.

Cyberflute Privacy Policy

Cyberflute Privacy Policy

Cyberflute Newsletter - The Cyberflutist

Cyberflute newsletter, Cyberflutist, is my newsletter with updates to my web site, new duets, new figurines, and lots of fun flute facts!

Flute news

Flute news in the media today


Flute affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing on your web site

Flute affiliate marketing can earn money for you online with your web site.

About Site Build It!

About Site Build It! and why it works.

Work at Home Mom

Work at home mom - build a business on the Internet and stay home with your children while growing an income for your family.

Flute figurines on eBay

Flute figurines are readily available on eBay.

Flute collectibles

Flute collectibles can be found on and at

Bamboo flute

Bamboo flute are simple flutes constructed from an inexpensive, readily available wood.

Feng shui bamboo flutes

Feng Shui bamboo flutes are made of genuine bamboo and serve as home decor as well as musical instruments.

Chinese bamboo flute

Chinese bamboo flute is a simple yet popular instrument in China.

Make your own bamboo flute

Make your own bamboo flute for fun and a great learning experience.

Pan flute, panpipe

Pan flute is an ancient, vertically-played instrument also known as panpipe.

Pan flute music, sheet music

Pan flute music for 12-pipe, bamboo, Zampona, Zamfir flutes can be purchased or any simple sheet music will do.

Syrinx, unaccompanied flute solo by Claude Debussy.

Syrinx was one of the first pieces for unaccompanied flute and revolutionized the flute repertoire.

Irish flutes, Celtic and tin flutes, penny whistle

Irish flutes are traditional folk instruments, also known as Celtic or tin flutes, and include penny whistles, and were popularized by one well-known movie.

Penny whistle, Irish, Celtic, and tin flutes.

Penny whistle is an instrument originally played by beggars on the streets of Dublin in the 14th century. It's about as cheap as a musical instrument can get, made of tin or bronze.

Native American Flute

Native American flute are handmade and vary widely from the mass-produced classical music flutes.

The Native American Flute

The Native American Flute comes in many styles and lengths.

Native American flute music

Native American flute music is an important part of the flute world as well as New Age and World music.

Jazz flute

Jazz flute - The flute is a great instrument for jazz, although not a member of the traditional jazz band instrumentation.

Flute case, protection

Flute case protects your flute from damage and functions as storage and decoration.

Online metronome, free digital metronomes

Online metronome is a free digital download, easy to use, and it never gets lost.

Digital Tuner

A digital tuner trains your ear to hear pitch.

Flute Long Tones

Flute long tones are one of the most valuable practice tools for developing breath support and a vibrant tone.

Flute Open Throat

Flute open throat playing means keeping the soft palate down so that the oral cavity provides a space for the air to flow freely.

Flute embouchure, how to play the flute

Flute embouchure is the shaping of your lips and mouth muscles when you blow across the flute tone hole.

Tight Embouchure in Flute Playing Needs to Be Corrected

Tight embouchure in flute playing results in a pinched, thin sound, and it's difficult to play in tune. Relax your embouchure.

Flute Intonation

Flute intonation is an extremely important part of flute playing. No one wants to hear an out-of-tune flutist. Embouchure and breath control play a big part in good flute intonation.

Perfect pitch, relative and absolute pitch

Perfect pitch is the ability to identify any pitch simply by hearing it. No one knows why some people have it and most of us don't. What can we do about it?

Flute whistle tone

Flute whistle tone or whisper tones produced by blowing very softly across the embouchure hole. You can produce the entire harmonic series and develop embouchure control.

Flute Buzzing

Flute buzzing can be a helpful technique for developing a good embouchure.

Foster extensions

Foster extensions can boost the acoustic properties of your flute in response and tone.

Seiko metronome, digital, electronic, clip-on

The Seiko metronome is a quality precision instrument, small, affordable, yet feature-packed.

Flute comparison - deciding which flute to purchase

A flute comparison of features and options helps decide which type of flute to purchase.

Gizmo key

Gizmo key is a small button on the flute's B foot joint that closes the third key on it.

Flute lip plate engraving

Flute lip plate engraving makes the flute beautiful as well as prevents slippage on the player's chin.

Flute B Foot Joint

Flute B foot joint is a popular addition to the standard flute. It isn't used much really, but most flutists want one anyway. So what good is it?

Altus flutes, flute brands

Altus flutes are a brand of Japanese flute from flute maker Shuichi Tanaka, produced 25 years ago with acclaimed Britsh flutist, William Bennett.

Armstrong Flute

Armstrong Flute - a name known to flutists for 70 years.

Brannen Flute

The Brannen flute is one of the most sought after instruments in the world.

Haynes Flute

Haynes flute is a tradition in American flute making since 1888.

Lunn flute, flutes by John Lunn

Lunn flute is one of the most beautiful flutes on the market today. If you're buying a flute, you must look at this flute!

Yamaha Flutes

Yamaha flutes are one of the leading brands sold in the world.

Used flutes, buying a flute.

Used flutes are a common option for purchasing an instrument, especially for beginners, adult hobbyists, or anyone on a budget. How can you get a decent flute and not a piece of junk?

Flute World

Flute World - a terrific store catering to the flute enthusiast in suburban Detroit, Michigan.

Flute care

Flute care is vital to maintaining your instrument in proper condition for maximum enjoyment.

Flute Pads

Flute pads seal the keys when they are pressed. Take care to keep them clean and dry.

Sticky flute pads

Sticky flute pads can interfere with your flute playing. Here are some dos and don'ts for getting rid of stickiness.

Flute repair

Flute repair guide and suggestions to maintaining your flute in great playing order.


Piccolo - the smallest member of the flute family.

Alto Flute

Alto flute is a popular member of the flute family.

Bass flute is the largest member of the family.

Bass flute is the largest member of the family. Expensive, but a valued member of the flute choir.

Contrabass Flute

Contrabass flute is the largest and most rare member of the flute family.

Christmas flute music download

Christmas flute music download - Listen to your favorite flute Christmas music now!

Celtic flute music

Celtic flute music is readily available on CD and mp3 download.

Free flute sheet music, Go Tell Aunt Rhodie

Free flute sheet music, Go Tell Aunt Rhodie, a traditional American folk song.

Free flute sheet music, Alouette

Free flute sheet music - Alouette, a traditional French folk song.

Free flute sheet music, Old MacDonald

Free flute sheet music for Old MacDonald, a traditional American folk song.

Free flute sheet music, Oh Susanna

Free flute sheet music, Oh Susanna, a traditional American folk song.

Free christian flute sheet music

Free christian flute sheet music

Ballade for Flute and Piano by Frank Martin

Composed in 1939, the Ballade for Flute and Piano was part of a series of pieces that French composer, Frank Martin, wrot

Flute Student

Question: I really enjoyed the pieces and hope to play like that in the future, that is my goal through online flute lessons! Answer: I'm so glad you

Density 21.5 for solo flute by Edgard Varèse

Density 21.5 for solo flute by Edgard Varèse is a hallmark piece in the flutist's unaccompanied repertoire.

Flute repertoire Earth byTakatsugu Muramatsu

Flute repertoire - Earth byTakatsugu Muramatsu

Earth by Takatsugu Muramatsu

Hello! I really love this piece, but I can´t find the score. I'm looking in sheet music library but they don't find it too. How can I find it? Can

Comments for Earth by Takatsugu Muramatsu

Hello! I really love this piece, but I can´t find the score. I'm looking in sheet music library but they don't find it too. How can I find it? Can

Earth for flute and piano

Hi! Beautiful! The next time you suggest a piece please include the publisher. Ever since I heard this piece I've been trying to buy it, but so far


I absolutely love this piece, but I can't seem to find the music anywhere. :( Does anyone know where I can find it

Flute repertoire - Sonatina for Flute by Lennox Berkeley

The flute repertoire includes this beautiful Sonatina by Lennox Berkeley.

Serenade Opus 142 by Cecile Chaminade

Serenade Opus 142 for flute and piano by Cecile Chaminade is a much lesser known piece than its counterpart, the Concertino.

First flute solo

First flute solo is a memorable experience for any flutist. What was your first flute solo?

Mozart Andante in C

I'd been playing this piece for a long time. But then stopped playing the flute (and took up guitar). Then years later I was asked to play for a friend's

Breath support

Question: Hi, there. I love playing and you have been a wonderful help. Makes a difference when your teacher is a flute teacher. There are many little

Deep breathing is important for great flute playing.

Deep breathing is vital for the flutist to develop optimum breathing capacity in flute playing.

Panis Angelicus

When I was in high school, the music director from my church asked me to play a solo and my band director pointed us to a Sacred Solo book which included

sweaty slip

My first solo ever was a Bach piece. I was playing it for a solo and ensemble contest and my band teacher picked it. It was hard, and I was really nervous

Brighton Beach

I was in 6th grade and had already been playing the flute for about four years. Our school district put me in with the older kids and we went into competition

Spirit Dance From "Orpheus"

My first flute solo was Spirit Dance From Orpheus. I played it in the 7th grade. It was really hard! I did get a I rating on it at solo contest, though.


Question: I played it for solo & ensemble competition and made a superior rating! My flute instructor selected it and I played it constantly! Even after

Spirit Dance from Orpheus

I'm in the 6th grade and I just got done with my solo contest this morning. I play the flute, and Spirit Dance is so hard to master. It took 3 months just



Mozart in C Major & Orchestra

When I was in the sixth grade, my father told me to study this piece. I surprised my father and worked very hard on it. I'm very happy that I played

Baroque flute music

Baroque flute music was composed J.S. Bach, Handel, Telemann, and Vivaldi, among others.

Bach flute sonatas

Bach flute sonatas - some of the best flute repertoire from the Baroque era.

Telemann flute fantasies

Telemann flute fantasies are miniature gems from the Baroque era.

Free printable flute sheet music, free sheet music for flute

Free printable flute sheet music downloads for flute solo, native American, Chinese, Christmas music, and more...

Handel flute sonatas

Handel flute sonatas are lovely Baroque-era pieces that make great first solos. They program well on any recital.

Vivaldi flute concerto

Vivaldi flute concerto from the Italian Baroque era

Blavet flute music is written in the French Baroque style.

Blavet flute music represents the French Baroque style and is an elegant addition to flute literature.

Flute classical music

Flute classical music is highlighted by the wonderful concerti of Mozarto.

Flute Mozart Concerto D Major

Flute Mozart Concerto D Major - one of the highlights of the flutists repertoire.

Quantz flute music is Classical music at its best.

Quantz flute music represents the Classical era for flutists.

Romantic flute music

Romantic flute music is often represented by fluffy French conservative pieces.

French flute music is the highlight of the 19th Romantic era.

French flute music is the highlight of the Romantic era compositions for the flute.

Reinecke Sonata Op. 167 for flute and piano

Reinecke Sonata Op. 167 for flute and piano, composed in 1882. An outstanding Romantic work for the flute.

Flute impressionist music

Flute impressionist music does not include a lot of work for solo flute, although the flute is used extensively in chamber and symphonic works.

Bozza Image for Flute

Bozza Image for Flute

Flute contemporary music

Flute contemporary music dates from the beginning of the 20th century to the present time and is really the Golden Age of flute repertoire.

Prokofiev flute sonata

Prokofiev flute sonata in D Major, Opus 94, one of the major pieces of the repertoire.

Dutilleux flute sonatine

Dutilleux flute sonatine is a beautiful French piece from the 20th century.

Poulenc flute sonata

Poulenc flute sonata

Hindemith flute sonata is a hallmark work in flute history.

Hindemith flute sonata is a modern piece written in Neoclassic style.

Flute Duets - flute-playing fun at its best!

Flute duets a great fun! Making music with another flutist is the best! Here are my recommendations for literature.

Flute Duet Page 3

Flute Duet Page 3

Flute Duet Page 4 Number 2

Flute Duet Page 4 Number 2

Flute Duet Page 4 Number 3

Flute Duet Page 4 Number 3

Flute duet page 5 number 4

Flute duet page 5 number 4

Flute duet page 5 number 5

Flute duet page 5 number 5


Flute Duet Page 19

Flute vibrato tips

Flute vibrato tips for learning to produce vibrato.

Flute fingering chart

Flute fingering chart - learn them correctly and you won't have to unlearn bad habits.

Why is high F-sharp hard to reach on flute?

Why is high F-sharp hard to reach on flute? This note tends to be troublesome for flutists. Here are some tips to conquering the high F-sharp.

What are the three fingerings for middle B flat?

What are the three fingerings for middle B flat?

4th octave D flute fingering

The 4th octave D flute fingering explained.

Flute trills

Flute trills are very common in flute music. Use them wisely and play them in the context of the style of the piece.

Flute posture

Flute posture should be relaxed at all times. Try to avoid strained positions with the neck bent and the arms at odd angles.

Circular Breathing

Circular breathing is a technique that enables a flutist to play longer phrases without needing to stop to breathe in.

Flutter tongue

Flutter tongue is a technique done on the flute where a rolled R type of sound is made while blowing a note on the flute.

How to play the flute

How to play the flute

Trevor Wye Practice Books

Trevor Wye practice books are a great resource for flutists.

Flute Practice

Flute practice is vital to learning to play the flute. Deciding how to spend that practice is essential.

Flute practice is vital.

Flute practice is vital to your success as a flutist.

Music minus one

Music minus one is a great learning tool.

Daily Flute Practice

Daily flute practice is like an athlete's workout routine.

Flute scales free

Flute scales free - get free information at Youtube

Flute Technique

Flute technique is the moving of fingers playing notes on flute. The flute frequently demands fast technique.

Flute B flat scale

Flute B flat scale is one of the first ones students learn to play because it the first scale used in school band programs.

Minor scales in music.

Minor scales should be learned after the major scales are mastered.

Flute Masterclass

Flute masterclass is an ideal environment for broadening your flute education

Dahlia Flute Duo Masterclass

Dahlia Flute Duo Masterclass will be held June 22 - 25, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Pender Island Flute Retreat

Pender Island Flute Retreat is a 10-day retreat to explore the physical, emotional and mental aspects of flute performing and pedagogy.

Flute lesson, free flute lessons

Flute lesson - free flute lessons are available on-line! Just sign up and you'll be learning to play the flute in no time!

Flute lesson

Flute lesson - free flute lessons are available on-line! Just sign up and you'll be learning to play the flute in no time!

Flute lesson

Flute lesson - Welcome to your next lesson!

Flute lesson 0004

Flute lessons on-line

Flute lesson

Flute lesson - Welcome to your next lesson!

Flute lesson 0006

Flute lesson - Welcome to your next lesson!

Flute lesson

Flute lesson

Flute lesson 0008

Flute lesson 0008

Flute Camp

Flute camp is a great time to learn from new teachers, play lots of new repertoire and ensembles, and have great experiences in making music.

Learn to play piano

Learn to play piano to help your musical skills and make learning the flute easier.

Easy flute sheet music, beginner flute solo sheet music

Easy flute sheet music and flute solos are fun ways to improve your playing and learn how to play the flute.

Flute health

Flute health encompasses many issues, ranging from physical to emotional.

Vertical flute

Vertical flute head joints can be retrofitted on traditional transverse flutes to create a more ergonomic instrument.

Flute chapped lips

Flute chapped lips can seriously hinder your playing, so protect them.

Flute metal allergy cause and cure.

Flute metal allergy is common with flutes made from nickel or nickel alloys and is usually solved by covering the lip plate.

Flute lesson

Flute lesson - free flute lessons are available on-line! You'll be learning to play the flute in no time!

Flute questions fingerings

Flute questions fingerings is a listing of questions I have been asked about fingerings.

Flute Questions Tone Production

Flute questions tone production questions

Flute questions keys

Flute questions keys can have problems, so find out what to do about them.

Flute questions learn to play

Flute questions learn to play the flute. Ask a question here.

Flute Questions Buy a Flute

Flute question buy a flute. Get tips on buying the right flute for you.

Online flute buying

Question: Hello again, There are 2 questions that I have: 1. When I see a flute online, how do I know if it is right for me? 2. Whenever I see a flute

B foot flute weight

Question: Hello again, I was talking to my parents about the B foot flutes and I told them the features that I would like. Then they said it has to be

Buying a flute

Question: I am looking at buying a flute. I have never played the flute before, but I want to learn. Anyway, what brand of flute should I get? And, what

B foot Flute

Question: Hello, I'm ready for a B foot flute and I am going to buy one soon. Does it matter what kind of B foot flute I get? (EX.: gold lip plate vs.

Would you recommend upgrading flutes for college?

Question: I intend to go to college next year and pursue music as my major. I've been playing a C flute since I started playing, and am just wondering

I want to buy a new wooden flute

Question: I'm going to buy a new flute soon (my teacher recommends it). What kind of flute should I buy? If the flute is too expensive, I can save up

Suggestions on buying a flute

Question: Got any suggestions on buying a flute? Answer: I sure do! Determine how much money you have to spend and then be realistic about what kind

What is a decent flute for a beginner?

Question: Please help me with a make and model of a decent flute for a beginner. Sincerely, Mark Answer: Armstrong makes several student flutes, 102,

Where to buy a Celtic/Irish flute

Question: Where would I be able to purchase a Celtic/Irish flute? Thanks, Gene Answer: You can find them at Also, check out the The

Is learning to play the flute complicated?

Question: I am going to try a flute, but I want to know if it is a complicated thing to learn. Answer: I don't believe that learning to play the flute

Coming back to playing flute...

Question: Hi, I played flute for 5 years; year 6 to year 10, and because of increased studies I stopped playing almost completely. Now my studies are

Learning to play the flute

Question: I play the piano, and I want to learn to play the flute. Can I teach myself to play the flute? Answer: Sure you can! I have lessons on my

Adult learner

Question: I recently acquired a flute and have always wanted to play. I am 32 years old and never played before and was wondering if you know of anyone

Starting to play the flute

Question: I'm having trouble starting to play the flute. I need an online website to get started until my parents find a teacher. Answer: There are

Mrs Sally Packer

Question: Thank you for your advice on my granddaughter's breathing problems. I will let you know how she gets along and improves. Answer: Please keep


Question: I am a beginner flute player. After 4 weeks of lessons, I am still struggling with the correct way to hold the flute. I especially have problems

Flute key trouble

Question: My F key won't play. All my other notes play fine, except my F. What can I do to fix it? Answer: If your keys aren't working properly, you

E key on flute not staying open

Question: When I play F, my E key falls down. What should I do? Answer: There is a problem with the key mechanism on your flute. Take it to a repair

Low notes on flute

Question: I need help with the lower notes. They sometimes come out, but they sometimes don't. Could you suggest some helpful exercises to help me? I

Please help quick

Question: When I play my E's and F's and D's, they come out squeaky. Answer: There are a number of reasons certain notes could be squeaky. 1) Be sure

Getting sound out of the flute

Question: My daughter just started playing the flute-she has had one group lesson. She was upset because everyone else made sound with theirs, yet she

Oboe versus flute breath control

Question: I play oboe (I have been for about four years) and with it, a lot of people think that it requires so much breath just because it's double reeded.

Quality of Tone Decreasing on Certain Notes

Question: Hi, I've been playing for 2 years now, and I'm currently 1st chair in my middle school band. Overall, my tone seems to sound more clean and

How do I blow my flute?

Question: No matter how much I try, I can't blow my flute. I don't think I'll ever be able to play it. Answer: Sure, you'll be able to play it! It

High notes

Question: From my high G sharp to my high C's don't sound pretty. All my other notes, however do. What are some tips you can help me with so my high notes

Maintaining great flute tone

Question: Played the flute forever. 40+ years. Daily do embouchure exercises and long tones from low C to high D. Some days I have wonderful, terrific

How to practice the flute

Question: I am a beginner student of flute. I am practicing a minimum of one hour per day, started almost 6 months back, but I am not happy with my

Holding out notes on the flute

Question: I can't make a sound when holding down notes. I can play just fine with out holding notes. Answer: Can you sing a note and hold it? Try

High E

Question: What is wrong with my flute if high E doesn't come out? Answer: Maybe nothing! The high E requires a lot of air and a fast airstream. Take

How to blow on the flute

Question: I need to learn how to not breath between every note when I'm playing by myself. I also need to learn how to have the tune of when I'm playing

How to blow into the flute to produce a tone

Question: Dear tutor, I am having some trouble with my flute. I keep on talking into my flute. My teacher says that my mouth shape and keys are correct,

Airy notes on flute

Question: I get airy notes starting from D. I don't practice that much. Is that the problem? My muscles need to build? Answer: Yes, regular practicing

Low notes on flute

Question: I have no trouble reading music as I am grade 8 standard on Clarinet and Sax, so I thought I would take up the flute. I am not quite sure if

Making a flute sound pretty

Question: I've been playing the flute for about 4 months...I recorded myself today and I'll admit that my sound is not pretty...breathier than I thought

Low C and C-sharp

Question: I have been learning the flute since last June, with a lesson every fortnight. However, no matter how much I seem to practice, I can't get


Question: Hey, I've been playing the flute for around two years now. I've always been having trouble breathing. Is there something that I could do to

No air for solo ..

Question: My senior has a problem with her solo. The notes are quite low, from low F to middle C. It lasts for 3 bars and is 69 beats per minutes.

Making a sound on the flute

Question: Fifty years ago, I was first chair in school...loved the flute. I'm trying to learn again but I can't even make a sound!!! What am I doing or

Mrs Sally Packer

Question: I am trying to help my granddaughter to play the flute. She is 10 years of age and gets a 15 minute lesson a week at school. She is struggling

Playing the flute

Question: I need help learning how to blow into the flute. Answer: That's a big question! There are several parts to the answer: 1) First, you must

How do you play high C on the flute?

Question: Can you please tell me how to play high C in the fourth octave? I need to know for a piece we are playing in band, and I just can't get the

Playing the flute is too hard!!

Question: I cannot play most of the notes, such as E, D, F, etc. I cannot play quickly either. I have a band concert coming up and I need to play the

Sharp C sharp/ D flat

Question: I have played the flute since I was 9 (I am now 50!) but never professionally. I was in the school band (1st chair) all through high school

D to Bb trill fingering

Question: Do you know of a shortcut fingering to play D/Bb at trill speed in the 2nd 8ve (as in Finzi-In Terra Pax) Answer: I'd be happy to suggest

Flute Thumb Key

Question: On the Western Concert Flute, when you press the (left hand) thumb key, what hole or button does it cover or press? Answer: If you press the

Fingering for flute B natural

Question: I need an alternate B natural fingering. Answer: I don't know of any other fingerings for the B natural in the low and middle octaves. For

Low notes and middle notes on flute

Question: I looked at the flute fingering chart and the low A and middle A are the same, as well as other notes. To make a different pitch, are you supposed

Fingerings for D# and A# on the flute

Question: What is the fingering for D# and A#? Answer: Remember that D# is the same note as Eb and A# is the same note as Bb. That is, the notes are

Fingerings for G, A, and B on the flute

Question: I just started learning how to play the flute. When I play G, A and B, I am supposed to press the E flat key down with my right pinky. But

How would you trill a high E flat for flutes

Question: I have a trill in a piece of music for my high E flat and I don't know how to finger it. Answer: The high E flat is played with all fingers

Fingering on the flute

Question: Hello, I'm George. I began learning my flute about a year ago, but I just tried that on my own with the help of some beginners videos on the

How do I trill from high E flat to high F on the flute?

Question: How do I trill from high E flat to high F on the flute? Answer: Play the regular fingering for the high E flat and trill finger 2 of the left

High A fingering on the flute

Question: I am really stuck because I don't know the fingering for top A! Please can you help? Answer: Sure, I can help! This is actually an easy

Fingerings for F-flat and C-flat on flute

Question: I am very confused on how to finger an F-flat and a C-flat it does not show me how to finger it in my finger chart! And so I'm confused on what

Flute trill F to G

Question: How do you trill the second octave F to G? Answer: The 1st and 2nd octaves F to G trill are the same: Trill the right hand index finger.

F major scale

Question: Is it an A flat or natural? Answer: It's an A natural. The notes are... F | G | A | B-flat | C | D | E | F

The 3 last notes on the A-flat two-octave scale

Question: I don't know how to play the the 3 last notes on the A-flat two octave scale. Answer: The last three notes of the A-flat scale are E-flat,

Trill high F

Question: How do you trill a high F? Answer: Trill with your left thumb. This goes to the G above the F. It's just the same as trilling from the lower

Playing E and D

Question: Please send a picture of fingering to show me how to play the notes E and D. Thanks. Answer: Please see my flute fingerings page

Correct fingering for C2 ?

Question: Hello, I have just started on the Yamaha Fife (YRF-21) and I can play C2 (actually C3 on the fife) in 2 ways. Either by fingering '0 | x00

How do you play high E natural?

Question: I have a piece in NYSSMA and all the E's are natural and F's are sharps and I don't know how to finger them. Answer: For high E, press down

Scale sheet

Question: I need to have a scale sheet by oh lets say......tomorrow and I cannot find one?!?!?!?!?! Final exam my teacher will kill me :( Answer:

Low notes on a B-flat scale

Question: What are the low notes on a B-flat scale? Answer: The notes of the B-flat scale are... B-flat, C, D, E-flat, F, G, A, and B-flat I hope

Major Scales

Question: I am trying to find free downloadable/printable flute sheet music so I can download the 12 major scales. I only have the Eb, Bb, and C scales.

A flat mordent

Question: I don't understand what I am supposed to do with an A♭ mordent. It's not supposed to be a trill, but an alternation but between what


Question: I am playing for an All State audition and have chosen to play Badinerie by J.S. Bach. I am questioning about the trill from G natural going

B natural flute fingering

Question: I can't find the fingerings for B natural ANYWHERE!! Please help!! Answer: The low and middle B natural fingerings are both the same... Left

B-flat concert scale

Question: What are the notes for the B-flat concert scale? Answer: Those notes are... B-flat, C, D, E-flat, F, G, A, B-fla

B-flat flute fingerings

Question: How do you finger a B-flat? Answer: There are actually three ways to finger B-flat on the flute for the low and middle notes. I have a video

Airy articulation

Question: Hello, Whenever I articulate there is always an airy sound at the beginning. I've tried everything, but it still sucks. Please help! I have

Lip shape vs. flute playing

Question: How does lip shape/lip thickness effect flute playing? What if my lips are not as thin as I would like them to be, am I still able to play

Trouble playing certain notes on the flute

Question: Hi. Whenever I play the flute (I've been playing for 4 months), the only notes that will come out are B-flat, C and D. A few weeks ago, they

Wicked Right Wrist

Question: My right wrist collapses and I can't seem to figure out how to hold it straight. As near as I can describe: Hold your arm up in place where

I'm looking for the right flute.


My flute doesn't play notes well.

Here's the question... I got my flute fixed, but now the notes from D to F sound airy while the others sound nice. What should I do? =( Here's my answer...

PVC flute question

I have made a PVC flute to learn fingering and play, if possible. If as I suspect, 1/2inch, 600PSI may be entirely too thick, precluding resonance. However,

Flute trill from high E to F

Question: I want to know how I can make a trill from high F to high E without doing the regular positions. It's more like a question I guess. Is there

Flute tonguing

Can you explain tonguing, please? Hi. Tonguing is how we start the tone on the flute. Say the syllable tah or any word that starts with the letter

Flute Articulation

Flute articulation is how you begin each note. Many styles and moods can be achieved through articulation.

Flute triple tonguing

Flute triple tonguing is a great technique for very fast passages.

How do I teach my friend to play the flute?

My friend wants me to teach her how to play the flute. I have played the flute for about three years. How do I teach her? What do I do first? Hi, Georgia.


I'm in college and taking private flute lessons. My professor seems to forget that I am not a music major or minor, and she expects me to write and play

Teaching flute

How do you teach a student who has never seen a flute before and wants to play badly? What do you do if he/she does not have much money? Hi, KMW. Start

I need help with vibrato.

Question: Making the vibrato sound is very hard for me. It sounds like my normal playing to me. When I try too hard, bumpy sounds come out. Answer:

What is the difference between a B flute and a C flute

What is the difference between a B flute and a C flute? I just paid heaps of money for a B flute and recently found out that the C flute is the most common


I have been selected to the advanced level (Wind Ensemble) in my High School. Because I had braces as a younger child, I learned to play with my embouchure

Cleaning the flute

Question: How do I clean a flute that has been in storage for a long time? And how much do I need to clean it after each time I play it? Answer: Depending


Question: I have been playing the piano for several years and can read music really well. I would like to know are the notes any different on a sheet

Left hand flute position

Question: Hello Everybody! A well known music teacher and flautist of my city is permanently against the support of the instrument on the lowest joint

Leah-School Flute Player

Question: I've been playing the flute since September, and I have a test tomorrow about this one song. I can't play it because I don't know how to practice

Flute is playing flat

Question: I have been playing an open whole flute for 4 years now and I have always played in tune before, but lately most of my notes are extremely flat


Question: I'm trying to play Greensleeves, but the higher notes either come out too low or too ear piercing. How do I get the right notes and smoother?

High note to Low note

Question: I have a flute piece in 4/4 time that at one part of the song the notes go from the third octave C (two lines above staff) down to E of the

Playing Divided Notes on Flute

Question: Hi. It's been quite a few years since I last played the flute and I have just taken it back up again. In one piece I was playing, the sheet

Flute and singing go hand in hand.

Flute and singing go hand in hand. Singing well is a valuable skill for all flutists.

Low C on flute

Question: My low C on my flute will not come out. Answer: Your embouchure should be relaxed at all times and the corners of your mouth should not

Middle C on the flute

Question: I can't seem to play middle C at all. D is fine, but I can't get any sound out for that middle C. Thank you. Answer: This note can be challenging.


Question: Hello! Just curious, what kind of flute do you have? Thanks! Answer: Thanks for asking! I have a Muramatsu flute. I bought it in 1977 at

I am having problems blowing on the flute.

Question: I am a beginner in flute. I am not able to blow correctly in the flute. Each time I am finding it difficult to have a correct and smooth blow

Duelin' Banjos for Flute

Question: I have not played the flute in, oh, about 4-5 years and now I am playing Dueling Banjos for a competition. I don't think I have ever played

Practice time

Question: How long does it usually take for a beginner to learn from the very beginning to be able to play a simple song like Old MacDonald. I don't

Trouble cleaning

Question: I found out how to clean the inside of the flute, but the pads are sticky. How do you clean the pads? Answer: You can place a piece of tissue

Holding breath for 8 measures

Question: For a test I have to hold my breath for 8 measures. Can you help? Answer: Work up to 8 measures gradually. Start with 1 measure, then 2,


Question: I've been playing flute for around 4 years now but I can't get a good sound. Whenever I play the flute it sounds really bad. Answer: Do you

Can you learn the flute from the Internet

Question: Flute lessons are really expensive, so I was wondering if it was possible to do some online for free. Also, if you can do it online, do you

Old Flute?

Question: Dear tutor, I got my flute from my uncle and he got it about 15 years ago. My flute's mouth piece looks like it has been eroded. How can I

Braces Troubling With Flute Playing

Question: I've been playing the flute for two years, I'm on Grade 2. I've enjoyed playing the flute, it's a great instrument and I've played at many school

Flute Vibrato

Question: I can't seem to hold a 12 count notes because my air runs out too quickly. My vibrato is not that good because I feel I do vibrato with my

Trouble with Conserving Air

Question: Um, hi. I've been playing the flute since September and I'm still having trouble conserving air. I practically gasp after every note on the

Flute notes won't play

Question: I need help playing D and E flat. Answer: Sometimes the notes with all the fingers down can be hard to play. Be sure you're using enough

Numb Fingers

Question: My fingers always go numb after I play my flute. Is that normal? Answer: No, it really isn't. Maybe you're squeezing too hard on the keys.

How to play the flute

Question: How to breathe. Answer: I have a lot of pages on breathing on my site. Take a look at these... Deep breathing Breath control Breath suppor

Squeaky flute note

Question: When I play an E flat it is sooo squeaky. It never used to be like that! Answer: Be sure you are blowing a fast airstream. Don't be afraid

I accidently got the small top back keys wet! Help?

Question: I accidentally got those two small back keys wet, but only a drip of water. What is this going to do? How can I dry it? Answer: Leave your

Flute sound

Question: I'm in eighth grade and I've been playing flute for three years. When I listen to recordings of music, I notice that the flutes make a pretty

Vibrato questions

I have been playing my Gemeinhardt flute made in 1977 in my school's band for the past 4 1/2 years, and over the past weekend I was able to go to an honor

Vibrato on higher notes

Question: I have developed vibrato for the lower notes on the flute, but am having trouble getting a vibrato on the higher notes. Any suggestions? Answer:

I cannot play a D at all!

Question: Hi. I learned the flute last year, but stopped. I am continuing playing at home, but when I play a D for the mocking bird song it won't come

Composing music for flute

Question: I want to learn how to write music for flute. What do you do first? Answer: I'm not a composer myself, but there are some skills that are

Breath Support

Question: My flute teacher always tells me that I am flat and always asks if I have breathing problems because I don't support enough. Any ideas on how

B foot joint versus C foot joint

Question: The low D sounds different on a flute with a B foot joint than a flute with a C foot joint. Should that be the case? Answer: Do you mean


Question: I have a problem concerning the volume of the tones when I play my flute. I've been playing for a few years, but I'm almost entirely self-taught,

Broken Flute?

Question: I own a Yamaha 311 II flute and it's had a few problems, but nothing major until now. When I picked it up today, I couldn't get a proper/clear

Badinerie for flute

Question: Hi! I am in 7th grade and my teacher gave me Badinerie for my solo, i am so confused... any tips? I also was wondering how to trill between

Badinerie troubles

Here's the question... How do you play Badinerie? I can't play it that fast, I don't know what notes I'm supposed to use for the trills, and I don't

Flute trouble

Question: I am good at flute and I practice every day. One day I left it in my room with the air conditioning on. The next day when I practiced, my F

Airy high E flat

Question: I just recently picked my flute back up after a couple of years of not playing and my E Flat in the higher octave sounds extremely airy. What

Flute high notes and tone

Question: I recently started learning the flute and I don't think my playing sounds right. The tone of the notes sounds airy and it doesn't sound like

Help on my face posture on flute

Question: I need help on relaxing my embouchure hole and then making a sound on my head joint. Answer: That's a great question and so important.

Low C on the flute

Question: My flute won't play it's low C. Could this be caused by loose keys? I've own my flute for 3 years and haven't ever took it to the shop to be

Scales and arpeggios

Question: I need to learn how to play the scales and arpegios of A, B, and F concert. I need help! Answer: Check out my answers on scales and arpeggios.

Double tonguing on the flute

Question: Hi, I learned how to play the flute when I was in 4th grade. However, there are some things that the music teachers never taught us...what

B flat scale for flute

Question: Do you know what the B flat scale is for flute? Thanks so much. Answer: Sure, I do! The notes are... B-flat C D E-flat F G A B-flat See

Can't figure out the high E natural on the flute

Question: How do you play a high E natural on a flute? Is it one two, one two pinky and thumb? or no thumb... Answer: The high E is like the low and

How do I play the E on the flute?

Question: I need to know how to play an E natural on the flute. I looked EVERYWHERE to find it! I just got a flute and I am still learning. Answer:

Coming WAY back to flute

Question: I played flute from 5th grade through high school. I am now a grandmother and got a flute for Christmas as I expressed a desire to play again.

"A" flat flute fingering

Question: How do you play an A flat on the flute? Answer: In the left hand, press all of your fingers, 1 2 3 pinky and thumb. In the right hand, press

How do you trill from high A flat to high A natural on the flute?

Question: How do you trill from high A flat to high A natural on the flute? Answer: Play the high A-flat fingering and trill the first trill key in

Help with E sharp trill

Question: I need help trilling an E sharp. I don't want to trill from an E flat. Help, I'm in all county. Answer: First of all, an E sharp is an

Thanks For Being A Great Flute Teacher!

Question: Thank you so much for what you have done for our daughter! She now feels confident that she could try out with the Topeka Symphony Youth Orchestra

Flute B-flat trouble

Question: My B-flat doesn't sound right. I never had trouble with it before, but for some strange reason, it sounds off. I can play the other notes perfectly,

How to start practicting the flute

Question: I need to know how to start to practice the flute. I'm a beginner, but I read music very well. Answer: Having a good foundation in reading

How to play F on the flute

Question: How can I play the F on the flute? Answer: See my page on flute fingerings. There are three Fs on the flute. The low and middle F have

Flute notes

Question: I don't have a teacher and I can't afford one. I would like to know about where you put your fingers for all notes. Answer: Please see my

Playing flute notes

Question: I finally got a few notes out of the flute!! However, I can only play notes with the left hand. When I try to play anything with the keys of

When to start learning vibrato on flute

Question: How experienced should a player be before learning vibrato? I've been playing the flute at school for about 2 years and a few months ago I bought

Vibrato styles

Question: How have ideas about flute vibrato changed over the past 50 years? There seems to be a dramatic difference between what you hear orchestral

How to play legato on the flute

Question: I've been playing flute for 5 years and I have trouble holding out my notes and playing legato. Answer: This is a difficult aspect of flute

I can't play F natural on my flute.

Question: I have had this flute for 4 years now and I play it a lot. I'm a band major. Every single time I play F natural, the key does not go down when

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Question: I can't play the note F in the 4th measure. Answer: In the left hand, press fingers 1, 2, and 3 plus the thumb. In the right hand, press

Interested in flute

Question: I'm interested in learning the flute, but I don't have access to a flute teacher. What should I do? Answer: It can be harder to learn

Playing loud on the flute

Question: I've tried to be loud, but every time I want to be loud, my note often crack especially those middle notes. How do I get loud without cracking

Flute Solo

Question: I'm having a solo and my high notes are always airy and the last note of my solo is a quaver. My conductor told me that I have to let go of

I need help with everything on the flute, but mostly notes!

Here's the question... I need help learning notes and how to move my fingers faster. Here's my answer... Hi! I understand how you feel. Becoming

Flute Trilling?

Here's the question... In my sheet music, it says I need to trail. What does that mean and how do I trail certain notes? (tr~~~~~~~~~) Here's my answer...

Time signatures in flute music

Here's the question...... Time signature explanation seems redundant. On a 4/4 time signature, I already know the top number represents 4 beats per

Help getting better on flute

I may need something to help my tone, fast fingering and maybe a practice timetable is the solution ? what do you suggest . I WANT TO GET BETTER ! :

Full lips for playing the flute

I have thick/ full lips and my teacher constantly tells me to place the flute below my lip. I have heard from Nina Perlove that it must be below the

My broken flute keys

I have an open-hole flute and the two tiny keys near the bottom of the body joint are down when they are supposed to be up and I don't know what to do.

Flute keys problem

When I press the fingering for fifth line F, E is played because that key is going down also. How do I fix this? Hi, Olivia. This is something that

John P. Plecki

I gotta tell you this has been the most aggravating week in a long time. First let me tell you I am in no way a musician. I have had formal training

Long Long Ago - D flat major flute

Don't know the notes. Hi, Olivia. Do you have the sheet music? If so, you can learn the notes with a fingering chart.

Question about flute fingering charts

I have seen the flute figuring charts, but I don't understand what dots represent what holes. It shows three but there are more than three holes on the

A flute beginner's dilemma

My daughter has just started the flute and is learning to play B, A and G. However, when we apply the correct fingering for B, a muffled D sounds. All

Help! My flute won't play an f or e natural

I just bought a flute and it it won't play 2 notes, which are F and E natural. What do I do? Hi, Heidie. I would take the flute to a repair person

Flute & Piccolo

Hello, This is my fourth year on the flute. I can play up to fourth octave on both my flute and piccolo, but my THIRD octave A-flat will not come out.

High "D"

My note D is very high playing, it is above C and in some music pieces sounds AWFUL. I thought this note would be low like F or G. I have adjusted my

I can't play D through G on the flute

I have been playing for 2 years and last year I only just got my breathing down pat and could play all the notes I need to. This year I got my flute checked

4th octave C on the flute

I can blow it, but the sound is really airy and I can't get it to hold out for long. It also produces unnecessary sounds, too. Do you have any tips for

Tuning the flute

Does a flute go out of tune and can it be tuned? Hi, Tony! Well, it's not really the flute that goes out of tune, it's really your playing that must be

Help with flute notes

My trouble is with my 16 notes. Can you help me, please? ....and reading notes... I'm barely 12 years old and I'm in symphonic band, but even though

I can't play a D Natural

Whenever I play my flute, the D natural note would sound just fine...but about 2 minutes into playing my flute, the note D natural and/or sometimes the

Humming while playing flute

Hi, my daughter is learning the flute at school. She is 9 and it is her first instrument. She has been learning for 8 months so far. For some reason

Putting emotion into flute playing

Hi! I play the flute and love it, but I am really having a hard time putting any emotion into my pieces. I've tried everything, but I still sound like

West Highlands Sojourn Help

For school I'm playing West Highlands Sojourn. I Have trouble with the eighth note and notes like that and I have trouble with rhythm. Can you please

Help with D and E on flute

I can't get my D or E out. Help, please. Hi, Marisa! Is your flute in good working order? Have it checked over by a repair person to be sure you don't

What does the B flat Major scale sound like?

I don't know how fast it goes. Hi, Bunny! There isn't one speed for the scale. It depends on the piece you're playing or your ability at the moment.


Hi. I've been playing my flute for two years, and I've never had this problem. When I try to play G natural, it comes out as G flat. Also, my High D sounds

Low Octave Notes

I'm trying to play my flute in the low G, A, F and E but it doesn't come out right. What should I do?? Hi, Mia! Try focusing your airstream down, as

Reading music for flute

I'm new to flute, * yrs old and I have music and want to write the notes in but don't know how. Hi! Do you have an instruction book with a fingering

High C sharp on flute

Hi, I don't know how to play the high C sharp, the highest C sharp of the flute.Hi, Joyce! The high C-sharp is the same as the middle C-sharp, just the

Braces... Grade 6

I've just found out I'm getting braces sometime in November and I'm meant to be taking my Grade 6 flute sometime after then. I don't know what to do! I

Playing concert F

Question: Playing concert F. Answer: Thanks for writing, Phoebe, but I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you asking about the fingering for F?

Renting flutes

Do you rent out flutes ? Hi, Jarad. No, I'm not in that business. I suggest visiting a local music store and checking into their rental policies

Thank you!

Hey, to start off this isn't really a question, it's more of a thank you! Since the fourth grade I always wanted to play the flute, but all my parents

Sixteenth notes counting

I have huge troubles when it comes to sixteenth notes. It's just the counting or something I just don't know!! Well, I have all my skills down and ornaments,

Marching band help for Leesha!

Hi, there. I will be entering high school this coming school year. I have been in band since 6th grade and I will be entering marching band for my third

Flute fingering

Can you give me the easiest way of 2nd, 3rd and 4th octave fingering? Hi, Francis. Really, the standard flute fingerings are the best ones to learn.

Grade 8 sight reading!

Hello, I have about 5 months till my grade 8 flute exam and my sight reading is absolutely TERRIBLE! I used to be okay at it, but haven't really concentrated

New Flute

I am going into high school and I am not sure of what flute to get. I want to get a step up from my old flute. I am not sure which is better the Gemihardt

How to play 16th notes?? HELP AHKK!

I have a year's experience with the flute and I want to get ahead on sight reading. I'm only 12 :/ heehee... But anyway, I sit first chair in my band and

Trill keys

How do I trill from a high E flat to a high F? Hi, Lissa. Finger the E flat, then trill the middle finger of the left hand

High C on my flute won't play...

I play a Gemeinhardt flute that's approximately 5 years old and the high C won't come out very clear. I need to play that note for an audition piece and

Seeking Sheet Music

Hi! I noticed you recommended Earth for Flute and Piano by T. Muramatsu. Where can I buy the sheet music? Respectfully, Robert Kaufman Hi, Robert.

Summer flute practice

My daughter is going into 9th grade and she wants to practice her flute all summer long with some music that she will be learning in the upcoming school


Hi, I have just started trying to learn to do vibrato, but am finding it really hard, any tips please? Thanks Hi, Jackie. I have a lot of tips on my

Middle C-flat?

I'm auditioning for an advanced band class next year and have the whole summer to practice the audition music. But one of the scales has a C-flat in it!

How can I get my fingers to move faster?

How can I get my fingers to move faster? Thanks Hi! Lots of practice! That's a simple answer, I know, but it works! The best things to practice

Earth For Flute

I've been looking for the sheet music to this song for about two years now. Do you know where I can find the sheet music? THANKS :D Hi, Shane. Do

Low C#

Hi, I've been teaching myself the flute for several months and can play pretty much all the notes, apart from low C#. I can get the low C without problems,

Flute repairs and replacing pads

I would really like to be able to fix my flute. The pads are gone. Do you know if there is a training or instructional book on how and info on where

Double High C trouble

I have a flute player preparing for a state level band audition in the fall. She is nailing everything and her flute is in perfect shape, but the required

How can I make flute warm up more fun?

Hi! I am looking for some ways to make my warm up more exciting. Any ideas? Thanks Hi! Do you have an electric keyboard that plays rhythmic patterns

Flutter tongue

What is your advice on getting a good sound when you flutter tongue. Hi, and thanks for writing. Use plenty of air and blow forcefully. You've got to

Squeaky flute

When I play my flute, it is squeaky or just doesn't play the note. I have never had this problem with my flute, but for some reason it just started to

Any other lessons after Lesson 8?

I have the Play Flute Today and the CD, but I have found your lessons to be so helpful. Will you be posting any more in the future since I only see the


I have trouble making the right sound. I want to play a song, but I can`t. I blow wrong something. Hi, Sarah. This can be very frustrating. First,

High flute notes

What is the best technique for practicing and achieving a beautiful tone in the third octave? Thank you. Hi! I recommend long tones and breathing exercises.

Baroque flute vs. modern flute?

What is the difference between a Baroque flute and a modern flute? Hi, Gillian. Many things, including... Material - Baroque flutes were constructed

B-foot joint for Artley 18-O flute

Is it possible to just add a B-foot joint to an Artley flute? Where would I get one? Hi, Suresh. No, not necessarily. The B-foot joint may not fit onto


I'm playing this piece of music that is in the key of E, so there is C# in the key signature. I also have an accidental for Bb and that note has a trill.

ABRSM Grade 7 Flute Scales

Hiya. My name is Enya. I'm 16 years old and I have been playing the flute for 4 years. I am currently doing my Grade 7, working towards doing my exam

Please help

My D and E won't come out properly. What do I do? Hi, Abigail. Are these the only notes that don't speak well? If so, I suggest having your flute checked

How long should I practice the flute?

I don't know how long to practice! Hi! Decide how much time you have to practice and what you want to practice. For example, you may have 30 minutes

Trouble/Severe pain trying to play a third space C on the flute

I am 50 years old. I got tired of seeing my grown son's flute laying idol, after he had been 1st chair flute in band when he was young. So I got the

Low Fourth-Octave Notes 0.0

Hi, I've been playing flute for a few months, I'm in 9th grade and haven't played since 5th. I can hit the 5th ledger line C but nothing above it except

Flat D

How do you play flat D? Hi, JJ. Any time a note is flatted, it is lowered by a half step. Lowering a D by a half step makes it a D-flat. The low

I need help finding flute worship music for beginners

I need help finding flute worship music for beginners. Hi, Paulette. Here are a couple of books that might work for you... Contemporary Gospel Favorites


Hi, I'm a student player from Malaysia and I've only been playing the flute for about a year. I've also learned the piano before and have ongoing lesson

Find An Online Tuner

I want to know if I can find a website where I can play my flute and the screen will show me if I am in tune. I don't want to have to download it, pay


I find it difficult to play pianissimo, what to speak of PP. I find that if I make the hole smaller in the center of my lips, it helps a little, but the

Poulenc Mvt. 3

Are there any alternate fingerings for measure 5-13? I just can't seems to nail measure 9 double tonguing which trips me up for the rest of the work. I

Flute or piano - Which is easier to learn?

What would be easier to learn, the flute or the piano? Hi, Tiara. Each one is easy in some ways and hard in some ways. If you want to play very well,

Notes of First Love by Utada Hikaru

I can't find the notes of First Love by Utada Hikaru. I play bamboo flute. Hi, Cherry Blossom. I found the piano sheet music here... Part 1 - Part

Second flute lesson

Hi, the 'second' lesson came but it is just a page full of ads - no lesson anywhere. Could you please resend? Thanks! Pam Hi, Pam. The second lesson

Double and Triple Tounging

I just don't understand it. I hear about tah kah. I completely understand the tah, but the kah is completely getting me. Is there any way you can put

Right fingering, but wrong sound

What happens when you have the right fingering, but get the wrong sound? Hi, Naomie! That depends on what type of wrong sound you're getting. Is it

How do I make a flute?

How do I make a flute? Hi! Making your own flute is a bit ambitious, but you can learn about making a flute out of bamboo here... Make a bamboo flute

B-foot joint

I have a solid silver Gemeinhardt flute with a B-foot only. I have been playing by ear for years. I also attended Berklee School of Music in Boston for

Why is my tone always sharp?

Most of the notes I blow are sharp and out of tune. Why will it be like this? Can you please explain? And I can heard my wind sound. Hi, and thanks

What is the history of the jazz flute?

What is the history of the jazz flute? How did the flute enter jazz bands for the first time? What the sequence of jazz flute until now? Thanks Hi, and

Staccato/Legato tonguing

I have been playing the flute for four years now and I know how to play a legato or staccato articulation without thinking twice about it. My band director

I need help with....

I play flute and I want to know if I can get free sheet music online. Also, I am teaching someone to play. What is the best way to show them how to

Poulenc Double Trouble

I'm currently having great difficulties double tonguing in the first movement of the Poulenc Sonata. I tried going slower, but somehow my tongue just

Free flute music is available on-line with flute mp3 downloads

Free flute music can be found on-line. Check out this cool site for free flute music downloads!

Sheet music stand, Manhasset metal stands, folding and wooden stands.

Sheet music stand is available in many varies, Manhasset, folding, wooden. Select which music stand suits your needs.

Manhasset music stands, sheet music stand

Manhasset music stands are the absolute BEST stands you can buy. Since 1935, sturdy stands from the Manhasset Company have ruled concert halls, band rooms, and practice studios.

Portable music stand, folding wire stands

A Portable music stand is vital for the musician on the go. Get the absolute best folding or wire music stand you can find!

Wooden music stand

Wooden music stand is an elegant addition to your practice room.

Flute concerto, solo music

Flute concerto - A classical solo for flute and orchestra displaying the technique and musicality of the flutist.

Christian flute music, sheet music

Christian flute music is used by worship teams, soloists, and other musicians during a religious service. Look here for some great sheet music choices.

Bundy flute, flute brands, comparison

The Bundy flute is a great choice for a beginning flute when making a comparison of flute brands.

Artley flute, buying a flute, flute brands

Artley flute is a great choice for a beginning flute when making a comparison of flute brands.

Flute bag, case, tote

Flute bag transports all of the flutist's tools, metronome, tuner, music, cleaning cloths, and more.

American Indian flute music, Indian flute

American Indian flute music is mysterious and haunting, easily accessible for the listener, always beautiful.

Portable digital recorder, Tascam DR07

A portable digital recorder is a fabulous tool for self-assessment. Recording your playing allows you to listen critically to all facets of your playing--tone, intonation, dynamics, musicality, every

Free flute fingering chart, printable on-line chart, print flute fingering char

Free flute fingering chart to learn how to play the correct fingerings on the flute.

Flute accessories, bag, case

Flute accessories are vital to the flutist. A case, bag, metronome, digital tuner, books, and magazine are important tools.

Play the flute, playing the flute

Do you play the flute? Tell me about it!

Still in trouble

I am a freshman is high school and I am first flute of the second section. I try really hard, but i can't seem to get some of the pieces. My band director

Mary Iles

I am a beginner flute player (now 50 years old) in terms of reading the music, but I really have been playing by ear since my teens - just fiddling around

My flute story

I have played the flute since the 5th grade and played all through high school. I was a member of the Iowa All-State Band and Iowa All-State Orchestra

My flute

I've been playing my flute for about a month and it seems pretty easy to me. What inspires me is the sound--it's so beautiful


My name is Max and I am 12 years old...I'm trying to learn as many instruments as I can. So far I play drums, guitar, keyboard, saxaphone, clarinet, mandolin,

Sherry R.

Yes, I play the flute. I currently play at my church, More Than Conquerors Faith Church in Birmingham, Alabama. I do play solos from time to time.

Meredith Vrobel

Hi Kathy. My story is short, another adult beginner who would rather be fluting than doing dreaded housework! Anyway, just love your duet feature.

Amazing Grace flute, Christian flute music

Amazing Grace flute solo - a beautiful solo from Christian hymns.

Flute mp3, flute music mp3, music for flutes

Flute MP3 files are the coolest resource for learning to play the flute and flute solos.

Flute history, history of the flute

Flute history is nearly as old as human history. The history of the flute spans the globe to every culture.

Flute retirement

Flute retirement is not something you think about. No one wants to retire from playing the flute, but as we get older we need to think about our income.

Flute information for the flute lover - take a flute quiz!

Flute information for flute fans - take a flute quiz and be a flute fanatic!

Flute jokes

Flute jokes - when you need a laugh.

How to Make a Flute

How to make a flute from bamboo and PVC pipe.

Complete Bolling!

Claude Bolling's 1st Flute Suite, on the Claudio Record Label with Chimera featuring David Oliver on flute. Chimera have wowed audiences in the UK and

Flute CD

Have a flute CD for sale? List it here!


FleytMuzik features Adrianne Greenbaum performing traditional klezmer on vintage wood Boehm system flutes. The ensemble consists of flute(s), violin, cimbalom


Glowings consists of performances of nine pieces from the Romantic period, published by our company, Expanded Musical Concepts. The pieces are: Dvorak's

Judy Hand Plays the Flute Music of Keith Gates

Released by Summit Records in 2000, this is a world premiere recording of flute works by Louisiana composer Keith Gates, with the composer at the piano.

Simply Worship

Simply Worship is an inspirational album which is thrilling the hearts of people all over the world. It is a collection of songs inspired by the Holy Spirit

Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New

Husband-wife team, flutist Jacob Roseman and pianist Molly Roseman, have just released their debut collaborative CD entitled Something Old, Something Borrowed,

Doppler Effect

Duo Viva A Versatile and Vibrant Flute Duo. As individual artists, both Alice Lenaghan and Mihoko Watanabe serve as active orchestral flutists, soloists,

Global FluteScape: Premieres and Rare Gems - Jan Vinci

Dear flutists and interested listeners, Assisting me are flutist and composer Jennifer Higdon, saxophonist and composer Mark Vinci (my husband), and pianist

Not Made of Stone

1 Ultralite 2 Not Made of Stone 3 How Now Is Soon 4 Blood With Salt 5 The Jaguar 6 Test Pilot's Lament 7 The Great Highway 8 Suspension 9 Save a Prayer

Time Entwined

Works by Paul Farrer, Peter Morris, Sor, Dowland, Ibert, Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Tucapsky (ALACD 1203) Amalie Records David Oliver flute Roland Gallery

Desert Journey

Desert Journey is a flute and guitar CD performed by Sherry Finzer featuring world and Latin music by composers Christopher Caliendo and Ric Flauding.

Last Cigarette

High-energy beyond jazz infused with rock, funk, Latin and reggae grooves as well as swing. Playing beyond jazz music

Superflute: Music for Piccolo, Flute and Alto Flute

Leonard Garrison, flutes, and Roger Price, piano. Released in July 2005, this CD features music for soloist doubling on flute, alto flute and piccolo.

Sounds of America

Sounds of America is a compilation of a broad range of beautiful works either transcribed or originally written for flute and piano. Technical virtuosity


WATERCOLORS is NRG!Duo's (Flutists: Tina Beaton and Sherry Finzer) latest CD with original tracks on it such as: Maya - Clarke - 2 fl, guitar Jal - Caliendo

David Ferneau - trombonist, pianist, jazz musician.

David Ferneau is an outstanding jazz and classical trombonist as well as a fine pianist.

I Got Plenty o' Nuttin

I Got Plenty o' Nuttin sung by David Ferneau

2009 Kujala International Piccolo Artist Competition

Chicago Flute Club 2009 Walfrid Kujala Piccolo Artist Competition Sponsored by Burkart Flutes & Piccolos June 6, 2009 Roosevelt University, Ganz

Flute Events

Flute events are listed on this page, including fairs, masterclasses, and workshops.

Flute Fest of Central PA

The Flute Fest of Central PA is an annual day-long event intended to draw music lovers of every level together to celebrate the flute. Saturday, April

Flute Audition Success

Sydney - August 14 & 15 2010 Australian Institute of Music Pilgrim Theatre 262 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 ======================================= Flute

Chicago Flute Festival 2009

The Chicago Flute Club will host the Chicago Flute Festival 2009 on November 7 and 8, 2009 at two locations in downtown Evanston, IL. The multi-day event

Holiday flute music, flute music

Holiday flute music abounds from traditional carols and hymns, to recently composed music for Christmas, plus music for Hanukkah and the New Year

Christmas flute music

Christmas flute music is great fun to play. There is a lot available, including these great collections...

Perfect flute playing through practice.

Perfect flute playing comes through practice, practice, and guess what else...


SmartMusic is your all-in-one practice tool--accompanist, metronome, tuner, and more!

Sarah Palin Biography

Sarah Palin Biography

Sara Palin Flute

Sara Palin flute performance in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant

Make a living doing what you love - playing the flute!

Make a living doing what you love - playing the flute. Develop a cool online business!

Sara Palin - Flutist

Sara Palin, chosen by John McCain as his Vice Presidential running mate, is a flutist

Piano Wizard

Piano Wizard makes learning to read music fun!

What Is RSS?

Learn to play the flute

Learn to play the flute with my on-line flute lessons! If it's always been your dream to play, you can learn now.

Flute celebrities

Flute celebrities are famous flute players and famous people who play the flute.

National Flute Association

National Flute Association is the largest flute organization in the world.

Understanding classical music

Understanding classical music - Humanity's finest achievements can be found in classical music, thus, learning how to appreciate it is part of any person's well-rounded education.

Flute music publishers

Flute music publishers are a good source for pieces by contemporary or less well known composers.

Flute Squidoo

Flute Squidoo is a fun place on the Internet to meet others and share information. My Space for grownups! Check out my Cyberflute Squidoo!

Who invented the flute

Who invented the flute? The secret is out! The flute was invented by...

Flute prices, comparison of brands when buying a flute.

Flute prices vary greatly depending upon the brand of flute and the features chosen.

Flute solos, music for solo flute.

Flute solos are great fun to play, and are categorized by skill level and era they were written.

Performance anxiety, overcoming stage fright.

Performance anxiety can paralyze a musician to the point where playing in front of others is no longer possible. How can you shed this fear?

Memorization techniques for memorizing music.

Memorization techniques will aid your memory of music, a valuable skill in committing music to memory. These tips and strategies will make the process much easier and shorter.

Wooden flute, Irish, renaissance, and other flutes made from wood.

The wooden flute was the only flute made prior to the early 20th century. Classical flutes and folks flutes were all constructed from some type of wood.

Setting goals for your development as a flutist.

Setting goals is a great way to achieve your personal performance goals as a flutist.

Natural talent - a meaningless term in music.

Natural talent is something you should be glad you DON'T have!

Body beat metronome, internalize the beat.

Body beat metronome is a different way of learning to maintain steady rhythm. It could work even better for you.

Trills, using the trill in flute music.

Trills are a device used in flute music for effects or to spice up the music.

Unaccompanied flute sheet music, solo flute music.

Unaccompanied flute sheet music doesn't require any accompaniment, it's simply one flutist playing a flute. This flute music is some of the most fun you can play.

Ibert Piece, unaccompanied flute solo.

Ibert Piece is an unaccompanied solo that is a beautiful addition to the flute repertoire.

How to read music notes, learn how to read sheet music.

How to read music notes is an easy skill to learn. Don't be afraid and let it hold you back from becoming a fine musician.

Deep breathing exercises using iTunes application

Deep breathing exercises using iTunes application is a quick and fun way to improve your lung capacity for playing longer phrases on the flute.

How to read music, learn how to read sheet music notation.

How to read music notation is an important part of playing the flute well. Is it hard to learn and what's the best way?

Play by ear, playing the flute without using printed sheet music.

Play by ear is one way to play the flute if you don't read music. Why not learn how to read music?

Flute recital repertoire selection.

Flute recital music selection should be based on your tastes in music, your skill level, and creation of an interesting program for the audience.

Wessel flute, a new Boehm style flute with multiphonic capabilities.

The Wessel flute is a new Boehm-style flute built by British flutemaker, Stephen Wessel.

Flute competitions - should you participate and what are the benefits?

Flute competitions are exciting music contests where you can really make a name for yourself. Should you consider entering?

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