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The Brannen flute is one of the most sought-after brands in the world today.

The maker is relatively new on the flute scene, producing flutes since only 1978. However, being located in Boston, they can claim the tradition of Haynes and Powell.

Their Vice-President Emeritus is Albert Cooper, who also produced a line of high quality instruments.

Brannen produces three types of flutes...

  1. The Brogger Flute - The most well known, popular instrument
  2. The Millennium Flute - A more moderately priced flute and the newest in the Brannen line
  3. The Kingma System Flute - This flute incorporates a variety of keying mechanisms that enables the player to achieve a quarter tone scale.

If a complete flute is out of your budget, Brannen sells just head joints as well. The head joint is the main component in determining tone quality, so this is an excellent option.

There are two types of head joints, the Modern Cooper and the Modified Cooper.

Material choices include...

1) Sterling silver, .014" or .016" wall thickness,with sterling silver lip plate and a sterling silver or 14K rose gold riser
2) 10K Rose Gold
3) 14K Rose Gold
4) 14K White Gold
5) Platinum

Decorative engraving is available for head joints bought separately or as part of a complete instrument.

While the engraving is beautiful, it also serves a useful purpose in preventing slippage on the chin.

Brannen flutes are made to order and typically take about 12 to 16 weeks to complete. Head joints can be obtained sooner, however. The flute must be paid for before construction is begun.

Prices start at $10,575. A rose or white gold flute sells for about $33,475.

Want platinum? Call for a quote.

See the Brannen flute web site for more information.

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