Artley flute

Artley flute is a great choice for a beginning flute when making a comparison of flute brands.

This flute was made by Conn-Selmer, Inc., a wind instrument manufacturer in the Midwestern United States and is a subsidiary of the famous piano maker, Steinway.

As a manufacturer of student-level band instruments, Conn-Selmer is very closely tied with music education in the United States.

One of my first flutes was an Artley, the Wilkins model, and it was my first open-hole flute. I saved up for this instrument and paid for it myself. I was so proud of it! I earned acceptance into the All-State Band and Orchestra with this flute.

The Wilkins model was Conn-Selmer's affordable alternative to Haynes and Powell flutes.

Artley isn't a high-end flute, but it's great for students and those people looking for a nice flute on a budget.

Does that mean you can't get a flute sound with a full, rich tone and great intonation on an Artley?

Absolutely not!

Artleys are lovely flutes; not a Brannen, not a Cooper, but still a solid instrument.

Conn-Selmer no longer makes the Artley brand, opting for the Armstrong brand exclusively for its flute line. Artley instruments are widely available on the used flute market, however.

It's important to evaluate a used flute carefully before buying any instrument.

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